Mission Statement

National Nurses of America continuously strives to bring an unmatched spirit of excellence to the art and science of health care. We will provide our clients with quality supplemental staff in times of staff crisis due to increased census, sick, or maternity leave.

About Us

National Nurses has been providing supplemental staff to facilities since 1998. We provide services on a PRN and contract basis; and do not specialize in direct hire placement. These services include staff for per diem, contract, vacation, sick time, and leave of absences for RNs, LPNs, RRTs, CRTs, and CNAs. We also offer PICC line placement services.

We are locally owned and managed by registered nurses who understand health care needs and demands. Our experience and longevity in this industry has earned us recognition from our colleagues. Our office is located in Alexandria, LA, and coverage area extends two hours of any direction. This prime location also gives us an advantage, being we are located in the very central part of the state.

We are a full service company with knowledgeable and courteous staff to assist with specific needs from operations, interviewing, staffing, and payroll. We provide continuous, round the clock service through our on call service; this includes holidays.

National Nurses of America maintains the highest of standards to deliver quality care at all times. It is our goal to provide superior service and to develop strong and lasting relationships with our employees and clients.

We use the full potential of our employees and encourage their professional growth and development. Our employees and clients are dedicated and loyal to us, as most have been with us since the start of our business.