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Working with National Nurses provides you with the flexibility to pick up shifts, earn extra money, and work at different facilities. Work part-time or full-time and enjoy the same benefits. We have been servicing facilities through out our area for many years and have an extensive list of local and surrounding area facilities.

  • Flexibility - day, shift, facility
  • Direct Deposit - weekly, no waiting period
  • Referral Bonuses - up to $250 for each referral
  • Tax Withholdings - not filed as an independent contractor
  • 401 K Program - after 1000 hours of employment
  • Contracts - 4/8/12 weeks, guaranteed hours
  • PRN - 4/8/12 hour shifts
  • ACLS/BLS - monthly classes at our office for a discounted rate
  • Office Staff - experienced, courteous, and helpful
  • Liability Insurance - covered by our provider
  • Paid Orientation - when required by the facility

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